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AG seeks sunnier open records law, admits clouds remain

August 5, 2011 --

Hearings will start this month on an overhaul of Georgia’s sunshine law that would open more meetings to the public and pull hidden public records out of private databases. Attorney General Sam Olens predicts House Bill 397 can pass the state Legislature next year, though he admitted the law doesn’t go as far as he would like.

Audit: ATL inspection records shoddy for utilities’ road repairs

Audit: ATL inspection records shoddy for utilities' road repairs
April 20, 2011 --

Y’know those nasty metal plates in the road that can mangle your tires and mess up your car’s alignment? Atlanta’s auditor says city workers often don’t inspect them and, if they did, wouldn’t even know who’s responsible for correcting problems with them. Damage claims for right-of-way activity cost Atlanta $218,000 last year.

Auditor: ATL bungled water rate hike, service cutoffs

Auditor: ATL bungled water rate hike, service cutoffs
August 28, 2009 --

Hundreds of customers had their water service cut off earlier this year because the city of Atlanta mishandled retroactive billing for a rate hike, according to a new city audit. Moreover, an estimated one in five customers were not told before their water was turned off, as required by city code, the audit found. Water commissioner Robert Hunter disputed the findings.

Atlanta sitting on $4 million in refunds to water customers

May 4, 2009 --

Atlanta’s water department has illegally kept $4 million that should have been refunded to 29,000 customers who closed their accounts, a city audit shows. Apparently, part of the problem is that no one ever told customer-service reps in the water department about changes last year in the city code. Auditors said employees who handle refunds […]