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Report: Paul Broun among ‘most corrupt’ Congress-persons

Report: Paul Broun among 'most corrupt' Congress-persons
September 13, 2012 --

Paul Broun’s conflicting accounts of more than $300,000 in loans to his election campaign make him one of the most corrupt members of Congress, a Washington activist group says.

Linder, Marshall paid big staff bonuses on way out the door

Linder, Marshall paid big staff bonuses on way out the door
March 9, 2011 --

Former Georgia Congressmen Jim Marshall and John Linder paid hefty, six-figure bonuses to their staffs before leaving Washington, a newly released analysis has found. Marshall, defeated last year for re-election, paid more than twice as much in staff salaries in the fourth quarter of 2010 as in the previous three, the analysis showed. Linder, who retired after nine terms, paid his staff 86 percent more. Those increased payments ranked fifth and seventh, respectively, in Congress.

Deal on CREW’s ‘most embarrassing’ list for 2010

Deal on CREW's 'most embarrassing' list for 2010
December 16, 2010 --

Gov.-elect Nathan Deal left Congress this year but still made the list of 2010’s “most embarrassing re-elects” compiled by a Washington advocacy group. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which filed the 2009 complaint that led to a congressional ethics investigation of Deal, described him as a “new governor to watch” in a just-released report.