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Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick

Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick
October 11, 2012 --

Kendrick paid her campaign consultant, Warren Mosby, $100 an hour from her legislative expense account as a “senior consultant” on redistricting in 2011 and in preparation for the 2012 legislative session. The $2,000 from Kendrick’s legislative account paid Mosby to compile statistics on her old and new districts and to organize town-hall meetings to inform constituents about the changes. The $100-an-hour rate, she said, was based on her trust in his abilities. Most legislators pay part-time aides much less, but the amounts are within a legislator’s discretion. “You literally get what you pay for,” she observed. Mosby’s brother is Rep. Howard Mosby, chairman of DeKalb County’s House delegation.

Kendrick’s campaign committee has also reimbursed her $4,610 for expenses without specifying the end recipient of the money or, in most cases, the purpose. State campaign finance rules specify that candidates must provide those details. Most of those expenses, Kendrick said, were for travel or for campaign obligations that had to be paid immediately.

Debt-ridden DK official says she spent $69K out of pocket on campaign

Debt-ridden DK official says she spent $69K out of pocket on campaign
January 28, 2010 --

Sharon Barnes Sutton’s paycheck was garnisheed in 2008 after she missed payments on her Lexus. Gwinnett County issued four arrest warrants for her over $1,000 in bounced checks in 2007. And she lost her $162,000 Stone Mountain home a few months ago when she couldn’t keep up with the mortgage. Still, Sutton reported spending $69,000 of her own money to run for the DeKalb County Commission, campaign records show. All this on a $43,000 schoolteacher’s salary.