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HUD: East Point tenants living in unsafe, unsanitary housing

November 30, 2010 --

Tenants of federally subsidized housing in East Point frequently live in unsanitary and unsafe units, even after inspections to identify and correct substandard conditions, investigators reported Monday. Federal inspectors found housing with safety equipment that was broken or missing, broken and missing windows, mold, mildew and roach infestation.

DeKalb housing chief quits as feds continue probe

DeKalb housing chief quits as feds continue probe
June 3, 2010 --

Sterling Bethea, the executive director of the DeKalb County Housing Authority, resigned Tuesday as federal investigators continued to pore over the agency’s financial records. “He just decided that he wanted to move on,” board member George Maddox said, “and to be honest with you we didn’t have a problem with it.”

Auditors: ATL owes $3.9M for mishandling of housing funds

Auditors: ATL owes $3.9M for mishandling of housing funds
October 5, 2009 --

Blown deadlines and sloppy contract oversight may cost Atlanta another $3.9 million in federal housing money. Atlanta messed up $6.8 million in funding commitments, or nearly two-thirds of all funding examined, federal auditors say. Planning and Community Development Commissioner James Shelby asked HUD to take extenuating circumstances into account, but HUD’s Inspector General was unmoved.

Phantom school districts tagged for stimulus $$$

September 25, 2009 --


Hillcrest Rural Schools in north-central Kansas is set to get nearly $7,000 in federal stimulus money to help its disadvantaged students. Only one glitch: The district doesn’t exist anymore. It closed in 2006 when it was merged into another nearby district.