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Rep. Eddie Lumsden

Rep. Eddie Lumsden
May 14, 2013 --


Lumsden is one of many freshmen lawmakers who rely heavily on other Republican legislators as campaign donors. He has collected $76,190, or 53 percent of all his contributions, from other House Republicans. Insurance ($13,550) and health-care ($11,850) interests, led by Rome-based State Mutual Insurance Co., comprise Lumsden’s other top donor base.

Until 2013, Lumsden’s financial disclosures failed to mention his partial ownership of his wife’s insurance agency. He amended his dicslosure to include that information in 2013 after an inquiry by Atlanta Unfiltered.

Feds: Nursing homes used patient-care money to buy luxury cars, $1.3M home

April 16, 2010 --

Managers of three nursing homes in Rome and Brunswick conspired to rip off Medicaid and Medicare for $30 million intended for patient care, federal prosecutors said today. Continuing food shortages were so severe that employees used their own money to buy groceries so patients could  eat, investigators said. George and Rhonda Houser, the couple that ran the homes, allegedly diverted cash to buy Mercedes-Benz cars for themselves and a $1.3 home in Atlanta for Houser’s ex-wife. The homes were ordered closed in 2007.

Ex-Polk County deputy gets 21 months in prison for beating inmate

October 15, 2009 --

A federal judge today sentenced a former Polk County deputy sheriff to nearly two years in prison for beating an inmate in a restraint chair. Ex-Sgt. Joshua David Lowe, 25, will serve 1 year and nine months in prison for the beating, described by a witness as unjustified and “horrible.” Read the news release …


Oxendine gets advisory opinion as probe of $120K continues

Oxendine gets advisory opinion as probe of $120K continues
June 23, 2009 --

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine may be personally off the hook for accepting $120,000 in campaign funds from two Alabama-based political action committees, according to language in a new opinion from the State Ethics Commission. But the opinion does not directly address the amount of the contributions, which may have far exceeded limits set by state […]

Oxendine: Who knew $120,000 came from same source?

Oxendine: Who knew $120,000 came from same source?
May 12, 2009 --

On New Year’s Eve last year, Georgia gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine pocketed $100,000 in campaign contributions from donors in Alabama. Of that, $70,000 came from political action committees that listed the same Birmingham post office box as their address. Committees listing the same street address in Birmingham chipped in the other $30,000. Three months earlier, […]