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Ex-Fulton sheriff skates on $40K in illegal donations

Ex-Fulton sheriff skates on $40K in illegal donations
November 4, 2011 --

Eight years after the fact, former Fulton County Sheriff Jacqueline Barrett is off the hook for accepting $40,000 in illegal campaign contributions that played a part in her removal from office. The Georgia Campaign Finance Commission, acknowledging procedural errors, dismissed a complaint over the donations, which were associated with a shaky $7.2 million investment made with money under her control.

Aug. 20

August 20, 2011 --

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Northpoint Hospitality Group, $2 million

Northpoint Hospitality Group, $2 million
May 23, 2011 --

Owners of an undeveloped Midtown parking lot will get a $2 million break on future property taxes so Hilton can build a hotel there.

Feb. 18

February 19, 2010 --

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