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ATL physician accused of $975K health care scam

March 5, 2011 --

An Atlanta physician scammed Medicaid and Medicare for $975,000 for group therapy for nursing home patients, many of whom were either dead or hospitalized, federal prosecutors say. Dr. Robert Williams, 72, was arraigned Friday in federal court on fraud charges that could cost him 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Political spending by House, Senate caucuses murky

Political spending by House, Senate caucuses murky
February 21, 2011 --

Last month, the Senate Republican Caucus reported spending $22,000-plus to support Gwinnettian Garry Guan’s race for the state Senate. That would be a problem. Georgia law treats those expenditures as campaign contributions — capped at $2,400 per race. The remaining 20 grand would be illegal. Now, Republicans say that disclosure was a mistake, that the spending benefited other candidates as well. But that explanation only underscores other weaknesses in campaign finance practices.

Fired arborist settles whistleblower suit against ATL

February 2, 2011 --

Fired Atlanta arborist Tom Coffin settled his whistleblower suit against City Hall on Tuesday, just before his case was scheduled to go to trial, his lawyers say. Under the deal, the city admits no blame and Coffin gets his pension back and $165,000 in damages and fees, lawyers Gerry Weber and Brian Spears announced today. The City Council still must approve the settlement.

‘Unacceptable deference to … authority’ fueled MARTA P-card abuse

'Unacceptable deference to ... authority' fueled MARTA P-card abuse
November 19, 2010 --

A “complete failure” of internal controls allowed a top MARTA aide to charge several thousand dollars of personal expenses to the transit agency, auditors reported Thursday. The aide, the executive assistant to general manager Beverly Scott, was fired in August. Auditors blamed, in part, “an unacceptable deference to positions of authority” for the long delay in detecting the problem.

Chambers threatens MARTA board members over lobbyist vote

Chambers threatens MARTA board members over lobbyist vote
October 12, 2009 --

MARTA board members who vote to hire a $160,000-a-year lobbying firm could lose their seats come 2010. So says state Rep. Jill Chambers, the transit agency’s chief nemesis in the Georgia Legislature. As chairman of the MARTA Oversight Committee, she fired off an e-mail over the weekend threatening to eliminate the seat of any board member who supports the contract when the board meets Tuesday. Board chairman Michael Walls terms Chambers’ saber-rattling “outrageous.”

Given 2nd chance, ex-Fulton sheriff’s lieutenant faces 15 years in prison

August 25, 2009 --

Two years ago, a Fulton County sheriff’s lieutenant almost lost his job for pocketing a civilian’s knife, then lying about it. Department rules say dismissal is the minimum penalty for lying, but Sheriff Myron Freeman let Lt. Earl Glenn stay with a 30-day unpaid suspension. Today, Glenn admitted that he repeatedly struck a jail inmate last year and lied when the FBI asked about it. He faces up to 15 years in federal prison and a $500,000 fine.

PSC picks new chairman for 2-year term, but was it legal?

PSC picks new chairman for 2-year term, but was it legal?
May 5, 2009 --

The Georgia Public Service Commission chose Stan Wise as its new chairman for a two-year term Tuesday, but one member wants a second opinion. State law specifies that the PSC chairman serves a one-year term, using a rotation system based on seniority. But the commission voted 3-2 Tuesday to name Wise as chairman for the […]