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Supremes: Fulton Co. whistleblowers deserve day in court

November 18, 2013 --

Nov. 18, 2013 — Two Fulton County whistleblowers may proceed with legal claims that they lost their jobs in retaliation for reporting misuse of taxpayers’ funds, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled today. The decision strengthens the state’s whistleblower law by holding that the law protects all public employees, not just those who work in state-funded programs, and dismissing Fulton County’s defense of sovereign immunity.

Whistleblowers: Homeless money diverted, we lost our jobs

Whistleblowers: Homeless money diverted, we lost our jobs
September 21, 2010 --

Two whistleblowers are preparing to sue Fulton County Manager Zachary Williams, claiming he eliminated their jobs because they reported waste and fraud in county government. The potential plaintiffs told Williams that more than $150,000 in county funds — disguised as payments for homeless shelter supplies — had bought lavish linens, Chiavari wedding chairs and other supplies for an employee’s private event-planning business, their attorney said.

City Council to debate powers of police oversight board

May 29, 2009 --

Today, Atlanta City Council members may decide just how far they want to go with independent oversight of their police force. It’s only a work session. But the council’s Public Safety Committee has set aside two whole hours to address a standoff between police officials and a civilian review board that wants access to internal […]