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Legislative ethics panel: Complainants must have firsthand knowledge

Legislative ethics panel: Complainants must have firsthand knowledge
December 20, 2010 --

The Joint Legislative Ethics Committee has rejected a complaint about a possible conflict between a lawmaker’s public duties and private work. A spokesman said the panel will not consider complaints based solely on news articles, in this case my recent piece on a $40,000 contract between Rep. Earl Ehrhart’s consulting business and an advocacy group seeking public funding for the arts. That standard makes it next to impossible for citizens to get the committee to investigate a lawmaker’s conduct.

Ralston wins speaker vote, Richardson bids emotional farewell

December 17, 2009 --

House Republicans today chose Rep. David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) to replace Glenn Richardson as speaker. And Richardson, who will step down at the end of the month, made an emotional farewell, taking the blame for unspecified failures during his five-year tenure: “Wherever we may have failed, I take full responsibility for those failures. All of ’em. … When you leave here today, you leave all those behind. You leave them on my shoulders as I walk out of here. They’re mine.”

Dec. 16

December 16, 2009 --

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MARTA legislative panel butts heads with GM (and each other)

MARTA legislative panel butts heads with GM (and each other)
September 14, 2009 --

MARTA’s general manager and its chief legislative overseer locked horns today over the transit agency’s plan to spend up to $400,000 on outside lobbyists. Then, state Rep. Jill Chambers butted heads with a member of her MARTA Oversight Committee. Chambers grilled MARTA officials this morning about several million dollars in spending that she regarded as unnecessary. When Sen. Doug Stoner objected to her tone, Chambers cut off his microphone. “I’m very disappointed in us as a committee,” Stoner said. “We’re playing games.”