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May 15

May 15, 2010 --

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Dave Wilkinson, Atlanta Police Foundation president: $215,500

Dave Wilkinson, Atlanta Police Foundation president: $215,500
September 28, 2009 --

It pays well to be Atlanta’s police chief. It pays better, apparently, to be raising money for the police. Dave Wilkinson, president of the Atlanta Police Foundation, made $215,500 in 2008, or 23 cents of every dollar it collected. That’s roughly $15,000 more than Police Chief Richard Pennington makes in a year.

Average ATL non-profit CEO: $173,691

August 5, 2009 --

Average CEO pay at American non-profit groups is $158,075, up 6 percent over last year, according to a study released today by Charity Navigator. The New Jersey-based watchdog group compared CEO compensation based on geography (pay at Atlanta charities ranked 15th among U.S. cities), categories and size. Charity Navigator’s report also offered tips for donors trying to assess whether a non-profit’s CEO pay is too high.