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Supremes uphold Ga.’s voter ID law

Supremes uphold Ga.'s voter ID law
March 7, 2011 --

Georgians must show valid photo identification before casting a ballot, the Georgia Supreme Court said today in a 6-1 decision. The court’s majority held that a 2006 Georgia law is a reasonable safeguard to protect the integrity of elections without disenfranchising voters. Justice Robert Benham, in a written dissent, argued the state had not proven the photo ID requirement was necessary.

Ga. polls still not safe from absentee abuses

September 13, 2010 --

Georgia spent five years and countless dollars to win federal consent for a plan for citizenship checks for voters. Partisans dispute the value of the new mandate, which the feds approved a few weeks back. Supporters argue it blocks illegal aliens from corrupting our elections. Critics keep up the fight in court, railing about disenfranchising […]

GOP election officials go toe-to-toe on citizen checks

GOP election officials go toe-to-toe on citizen checks
June 5, 2009 --

Republicans on the State Election Board waded into a virtual GOP smackdown this week as they argued over Georgia’s controversial citizenship checks for potential voters. At issue: Justice Department findings, reported this week, that African-Americans were 60 percent more likely than whites to be flagged by the state’s citizen-verification process, which it described as “error-laden.” […]