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Election Board’s full steam ahead on citizenship checks for new voters

Election Board's full steam ahead on citizenship checks for new voters
December 10, 2009 --

Once again, Georgia is about to require that new voters prove their citizenship before casting a ballot. The State Election Board voted 3-1 today to approve a process for citizenship checks, which were mandated by the Georgia Legislature this year. Board member David Worley tried unsuccessfully to amend the new rules, or table them for further refinement, based on objections raised by immigrant and minority groups.

Teacher alleges DeKalb denied services, facilities to disabled students

August 7, 2009 --

DeKalb County denied disabled students access to school facilities and services and then fired a teacher who complained about it, the teacher claims in a lawsuit filed this week in federal court. Social studies teacher Gordon Rolle says he was fired from Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Lithonia when he complained about issues involving textbooks, testing for conditions such as autism and access to bathrooms, the media center, counselors and field trips.