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Feds find Ga.’s insurance reviews lacking

October 12, 2011 --

From Georgia Health News: Georgia doesn’t meet federal requirements on consumers’ ability to get a third-party review of their appeals against an insurer’s coverage decisions. That may mean Georgia by 2012 will have to contract with an independent review organization to handle consumer complaints or with the feds to oversee the process.

Gail Buckner, Secretary of State candidate: $23,450

Gail Buckner, Secretary of State candidate: $23,450
June 16, 2010 --

Gail Buckner, serving her first term in the state Senate after eight terms in the House, reported income of $23,450 for 2009. That’s about the same as she reported when she ran for secretary of state four years ago. Legislators are paid $17,342 per year plus per diem. The Jonesboro Democrat’s financial disclosure for 2009, […]

High court suspends Twiggs judge WITH pay

May 14, 2010 --

Twiggs County Probate Judge Kenneth Fowler was suspended with pay this morning by the Georgia Supreme Court. A state oversight panel pushed for Fowler’s removal last month after he removed two probation officers from his courtroom. Fowler said the two men, who had testified about his courtroom behavior, seemed to have a “vendetta” against him. Overseers argued he was trying to intimidate the men in case they were required to testify in any future proceedings regarding his status as a judge.

April 11

April 11, 2010 --

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How did your legislator spend summer vacation?

How did your legislator spend summer vacation?
August 19, 2009 --

A four-day jaunt to sunny Southern California. Braves games, concerts, golf and charter boat excursions. Weekends at Amelia Island, Sandestin and Biloxi. You and I have to pay for summer diversions like these. But public disclosures show lobbyists treated your Georgia legislators to all this and more, just since May 1. Lobbyists dropped more than $193,000 cozying up to lawmakers in May, June and July, even though legislators went home for the year on April 3.
There was no fun in the sun for the four legislators who flew last month to Pasadena, Cal., said Tom Lewis, lobbyist for Georgia State University. “No golf, no beaches, no nothing else,” he said. “This was pretty much a cut-and-dried educational trip.”