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Nov. 11

November 11, 2010 --

Schools use jobs money to end furloughs, pay bonuses Title IX complaint filed against Henry County DeKalb officer’s role in crash questioned Perdue appoints panel to review Kenerly indictment Gwinnett superintendent avoids ethics investigation Study: Politics deters growth in DeKalb School boards get road map from state on ethics Columbus Parks & Rec manager faces […]

Opinion: Education $$$ cut again again despite record unemployment

Opinion: Education $$$ cut again again despite record unemployment
May 31, 2010 --

Thousands of Georgia teachers and other school workers — nurses, cafeteria supervisors, bus drivers and custodians — are losing their jobs due to another round of budget cuts. Salary cuts and furloughs are the new normal. Communities across Georgia are taking a big hit from the cuts. As one economist put it, “It is folly not to recognize the impact on the broader economic recovery.” Sarah Beth Gehl presents a few solutions to the school budget crisis.

March 20

March 20, 2010 --

Broken words: Father still waiting for Army’s report on son’s death Army revokes $333M contract for Fort Benning hospital Autopsy cites meds, alcohol in Warner Robins mayor’s suicide Bill would bar furloughs at schools with cash reserves Parents sue district, principal over bullied son’s death Dead inmate’s estate sues former Fulton County sheriff, jailers Indicted […]

Feb. 21

February 21, 2010 --

Huge DeKalb schools project altered, aiding spouse Failures to control stormwater made flooding more likely ‘Spy pen’ jolted talks between airport, Delta Bibb principal broke law with student ‘furloughs’ Farmer: Blacks deserve payment for denied claims Columbus judge resigned during 35-minute conversation with investigator Lobbyists pick up dining tabs with new Speaker Riverkeeper rails at […]

Feb. 10

February 10, 2010 --

Suspicious CRCT test scores widespread in state Coweta DUI suspect dies after 14 hours in restraint chair Gwinnett commissioner refuses to testify on land deals Outsourcing is increasing, not lowering state’s IT costs Firefighters say dispatchers share blame for fatal Dunwoody fire Report: Illegals working on Cobb County courthouse State: MARTA elevator had history of […]

DeKalb plans school closings to trim 16,000 ’empty seats’

DeKalb plans school closings to trim 16,000 'empty seats'
October 25, 2009 --

DeKalb County expects by January to approve school closings to reduce the number of “empty seats” — as many as 16,000, or more than 500 classrooms — over the next six years. At-risk schools are clustered primarily in southwest, central and east DeKalb. (The math seems a little fuzzy, as individual schools’ numbers do NOT necessarily add up to the totals printed on maps released Friday. No one said you’d have to do math to close schools, right?)

Beverly Hall, ATL school superintendent: $400,298

Beverly Hall, ATL school superintendent: $400,298
October 19, 2009 --

Lean times have forced unpaid furloughs and reduced bonuses on some educators, but they haven’t hit Beverly Hall’s pocketbook. She will earn more than $400,000 this year in salary, bonuses and other benefits, including a car.

ATL auditors: Too many cops downtown?

May 15, 2009 --

Atlanta police may be overstaffed on downtown patrol beats and understaffed in south and west Atlanta, a recent city audit suggests. Auditors looked at patrols in each of the department’s six zones and compared the length of “blackout” periods — the times when all patrol officers are tied up on a call — to assess […]