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House candidate Linda Pritchett (HD 63): Lost house over 6-yr tax bill, filed RICO suit

House candidate Linda Pritchett (HD 63): Lost house over 6-yr tax bill, filed RICO suit
July 18, 2016 --

July 18, 2016 — In 2008 Linda Pritchett bought a house in Forest Park, hoping to flip it for a quick profit. The crash of the housing market changed her plans. She kept it without paying property taxes for six more years, until Clayton County sold the home to recoup unpaid taxes and penalties of more than $8,900.

Pritchett wouldn’t give up without a fight, though. In 2015, she filed suit to allege that procedural missteps should void the tax sale. Claiming defamation and violation of privacy, Pritchett also sought damages from the county and the new owner under a racketeering statute.

Pritchett’s legal fight was hardly her first time in a courtroom. WGCL-TV (CBS46) has reported that Pritchett pleaded no contest in 2010 to forging the registration sticker on her Lexus’s license plate. WGCL’s Jeff Chirico reported that Pritchett also had convictions in Virginia for larceny, driving with no insurance and expired registration.

Oct. 29

October 29, 2010 --

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Oct. 28

October 29, 2010 --

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Oct. 13

October 13, 2010 --

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Disorganization at banks causing mistaken foreclosures

Disorganization at banks causing mistaken foreclosures
May 6, 2010 --

Millions of people face losing their homes in the continuing foreclosure crisis, but homeowners often have more than the struggling economy and slumping house prices to worry about: Disorganization within the big banks that service mortgages has made a bad problem worse. Sometimes the communication breakdown within the banks is so complete that it leads to premature or mistaken foreclosures.

March 1

March 1, 2010 --

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