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GA’s juvenile justice chief stepping down

GA's juvenile justice chief stepping down
November 4, 2011 --

Amy Howell, the first woman to head the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, is stepping down after just 10 months on the job. Gov. Nathan Deal has named her general counsel for the Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities to help oversee a federal mental health settlement.

A. Stephan Botes

A. Stephan Botes
June 15, 2009 --

It was a long fall for South African businessman Andries Stephan Botes. The 52-year-old went from mover and shaker in computer consulting to federal prisoner 56403-019 – and to forever being linked with an election scandal that landed Georgia’s first woman elected to statewide office in jail. Today, Botes spends his days in Dalby, a […]

Linda Schrenko

Linda Schrenko
June 8, 2009 --

It’s a small world after all – at least for prisoner 56443-019. Former State School Superintendent Linda C. Schrenko has spent the last few years less than an hour from Disney World, at a federal pokey in central Florida. Georgia’s first woman elected to statewide office, once a darling of the GOP and a hopeful […]