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Best of ATL: Unfiltered named ‘best muckraker’ by Creative Loafing

September 30, 2009 --

Atlanta Unfiltered has been named “best muckraker in lean media times” by Creative Loafing. I’m humbled. It’s a privilege to do this work. Six months ago, my biggest doubt was whether I could crank out enough material. That seems to be working out. The financial support … not so much.

Donations or volunteers are always welcome. But Unfiltered may also be the place for you to advertise your cause or business. It’s a way to reach some of Atlanta’s most intelligent and discerning readers — and to keep me neck-deep in the muck.

Atlanta Unfiltered wins IRE investigative fellowship

Atlanta Unfiltered wins IRE investigative fellowship
August 20, 2009 --

Atlanta Unfiltered (that would be me) is one of three winners of $1,000 investigative fellowships from Investigative Reporters and Editors for 2009. The two other winners were Jonathan Jones and Anna Sussman, founders of, which reports on stories of global interest from Africa, India and Southeast Asia. (Check them out. We are humbled to be mentioned in the same breath.) You, too, can support Atlanta Unfiltered’s watchdog journalism. How? Read on.