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Bungled attack ad defined Chris Boedeker’s campaign

Bungled attack ad defined Chris Boedeker's campaign
October 19, 2012 --

Other than his family and House Republicans hungry for a 120-member super-majority, financial supporters of Boedeker’s campaign are few and far between. Through Oct. 25, Boedeker had raised $37,750 from Republicans in the House, $4,500 from family members and $3,150 from PACs and lobbyists hoping to have a leg up if he’s elected. That left $13,335 in donations from all other sources.

How transparent was House speaker’s European holiday?

How transparent was House speaker's European holiday?
January 24, 2011 --

House Speaker David Ralston, staff and family enjoyed a $17,000 working holiday last Thanksgiving. So much for the idea of a $100 gift cap. Or for transparency. Lobbyist Chris Brady, representing Commonwealth Research Associates LLC, picked up the tab for hotels and airfare. A few weeks later, Brady took Ralston and staff to a $403 dinner. Other than that, official disclosures tell us nothing.