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Citizen panel: 24 ATL cops mistreated Eagle Bar patrons

September 9, 2010 --

Police should take action against 24 officers for improperly detaining dozens of patrons at the Atlanta Eagle gay bar in a 2009 raid, a citizen oversight panel said tonight. Recommendations for discipline should wait while investigators determine officers’  levels of blame, the Atlanta Citizen Review Board decided. But several members agreed when board chair Joy Morrissey said the maximum possible penalty  — a three-day suspension — would not be enough. “Amen,” one member added.

Fired DeKalb chief: Bikers, pickup driver targeted him

Fired DeKalb chief: Bikers, pickup driver targeted him
July 8, 2010 --

Now this is wacky. Former DeKalb County police chief Terrell Bolton, who alleges DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis was just out to get him when Ellis fired him last year, now claims a gaggle of motorcyclists targeted him this week on a Dallas, Texas, tollway. One biker struck and damaged his rear-view mirror, Bolton said, while the driver of a nearby pickup truck made an offensive hand gesture.