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Companies with DeKalb business gave $44K+ to Stan Watson fund

Companies with DeKalb business gave $44K+ to Stan Watson fund
July 11, 2016 --

July 11, 2016 – Vendors and companies with business before DeKalb County officials kicked in tens of thousands of dollars in undisclosed donations to fund a county commissioner’s pet community projects, newly available public records show.

At least $44,000 was collected on behalf of Commissioner Stan Watson from 2011 to 2014 from such companies, including water and sewer vendors, pension investment managers and companies seeking tax breaks and land-use decisions from the county.

Atlanta Unfiltered obtained records naming many donors to the Watson’s fund, unidentified until now, from the state ethics commission through a request under the Open Records Act. The commission last month dismissed a complaint against the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, which acted as fiscal agent for the fund, but is conducting a preliminary inquiry into Watson.


George Anderson’s last hurrah: No charge for Deal’s legal fees

George Anderson's last hurrah: No charge for Deal's legal fees
November 17, 2012 --

Nov. 16, 2012 — George Anderson won his fight today over liability for Gov. Nathan Deal’s legal fees. But he says he’s finished nonetheless after a quarter-century of haranguing politicians across Georgia for perceived ethical lapses. “I can’t handle the stress anymore,” he said. “It affects my body too much.”