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Feb. 23

February 23, 2012 --

DFCS acknowledges wrongdoing in child’s death Group: APS scandal cost taxpayers $10 million Court clerks’ passport profit examined Defense: Cobb DA outsourced prosecution to Glock Advocates seek lobbyist spending bill Bill would allow charging legal fees for Open Records requests Dozens of day care providers overcharging the state Dunwoody probes city council leak Wilcox Co. […]

Aug. 18

August 18, 2011 --

Dozens of officers’ arrest powers revoked, 400 certifications incomplete Columbus judicial probe expanded to more high-profile cases Hall invoices APS for $127K in legal fees Dispute erupts over legal counsel in redistricting Opinion: The schoolyard bully at Fulton Co. Commission

Nov. 16

November 16, 2010 --

Memo reveals concerns about EPD’s response to Athens chemical fire Retiring college president worth $1 million? Outgoing ag commissioner gives raises to dozens of employees DeKalb voters may get to reduce size of school board

Sept. 28

September 28, 2010 --

The candidate, the name change & the domestic violence arrest Dozens of murder trials delayed by crime lab firing Bishop Long tried to have burglary charges dropped

Sept. 3

September 3, 2009 --

Dozens of poor defendants still without lawyers Georgia buys cars despite budget moratorium Energy officials worry species designation could hurt power Oops! Stimulus funds repave Atlanta road twice Social Circle police chief resigns, 1 officer fired