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Dec. 16

December 16, 2011 --

Report: Georgia Power contaminating Coweta County groundwater with coal ash Monroe County magistrate reprimanded for DUI

Supremes remove pot-smokin’, door-kickin’ judge

Supremes remove pot-smokin', door-kickin' judge
September 6, 2011 --

A Northwest Georgia magistrate who regularly smoking marijuana and kicked in two doors at an in-law’s estranged husband’s house may never again serve as a judge in Georgia. So says the state Supreme Court, which issued a 7-page opinion this morning that removed Catoosa County Magistrate Court Judge Anthony Peters for such erratic behavior.

April 10

April 10, 2010 --

Pike County magistrate judge pleads guilty to malpractice

Sept. 29

September 29, 2009 --

ATL fined $1.6M for pension glitch Flawed budget threatens C-Tran trains National Board-Certified Teachers: Pay raises were promised Jefferson County magistrate arrested, suspended from duties UGA to expunge former dean’s file of harassment probe