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Aug. 17

August 17, 2010 --

ATL school board accepts cheating report amid other controversy State has just weeks to use or lose $7.6M DeKalb fears legal fight sends developers away Georgia banks’ troubled list shortens by 2 Synovus seeks dismissal of class-action suit over Sea Island Co. dealings Defamation suit against ATL lawyer, PR firm tossed Supreme Court won’t stay […]

Proposed drywall settlement: Small payouts to victims, big fees to lawyers

Proposed drywall settlement: Small payouts to victims, big fees to lawyers
August 11, 2010 --

Lowe’s Companies Inc., the nation’s No. 2 home improvement chain, has set off a legal firestorm by agreeing to a $6.5 million national settlement over tainted drywall in a class-action suit being decided by Muscogee County Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters. The $6.5 million settlement would pay relatively small amounts — Lowe’s gift cards in amounts ranging from $50 to $2,000 — to most victims who had the tainted drywall in their homes. But the handful of attorneys who quietly negotiated the deal will receive a separate payment of $2.1 million.

Indigent defendants in NE Ga. win state’s promise of an attorney

Indigent defendants in NE Ga. win state's promise of an attorney
July 9, 2010 --

Jailhouses are rockin‘ in northeast Georgia, as hundreds of defendants awaiting trial are once again guaranteed an attorney if they cannot afford one. The Georgia Public Defender Standards Council this week settled a lawsuit alleging it had abandoned poor defendants in the five-county Northern Judicial Circuit. The judge signing the consent order concluded the state’s indigent-defense system is “fraught with a lack of accountability.”