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Councilman stung by ethics fine pushes oversight of ethics officer

Councilman stung by ethics fine pushes oversight of ethics officer
March 14, 2012 --

An Atlanta city councilman who tangled with the city’s ethics officer last year wants to place that job under the council’s control. Lamar Willis‘ proposal calls for the Board of Ethics to give the council three names to consider, rather than just one, to fill a vacancy pending since September. Ethics advocates fear the plan would politicize the appointment process and jeopardize the board’s independence. Former ethics officer Ginny Looney won settlements against Willis and five other council members since 2008. Willis said his proposal has nothing to do with his $3,500 ethics fine nor his complaint that the board’s case against him was “piling on” and not even “remotely necessary.”

Deal’s jobs program helps one more underemployed lawmaker

Deal's jobs program helps one more underemployed lawmaker
October 21, 2011 --

State Rep. Tim Bearden, previously known for collecting a $94,500 public paycheck with no contract or evidence of work, is Gov. Nathan Deal’s choice to run the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. If Bearden lands the job, he will have parlayed a razor-thin electoral victory seven years ago into a six-figure state salary plus benefits.

Doug MacGinnitie, Secretary of State candidate: $24,547

Doug MacGinnitie, Secretary of State candidate: $24,547
June 14, 2010 --

Doug MacGinnitie reported income of less than $25,000 last year, but that was still enough to buy a $2.2 million home in Sandy Springs.

Tax delinquents abound in ATL District 11 council race

September 9, 2009 --

Atlanta voters can choose between two big-name tax delinquents this fall among a large field of candidates hoping to replace longtime City Council member James Maddox. Property records are littered with dozens of liens, cancellations and transfers of debt to private collection services naming former Fulton County Commissioner A. Reginald Eaves and former City Councilman Morris Finley. Many of the debts remain unpaid. Each has accumulated liens totaling more than $20,000 since 2004.

Judge fines Atlanta’s Jim Maddox $6,650

Judge fines Atlanta's Jim Maddox $6,650
April 13, 2009 --

A judge has ordered Atlanta City Councilman Jim Maddox (right) to pay a $6,650 fine for failing to report tens of thousands of dollars in campaign expenditures. Maddox, a councilman for 32 years, filed three reports indicating his campaign spent no money during the last six months of 2005. He amended the reports several months […]