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GPB’s Rogers took back radio license without telling FCC

GPB's Rogers took back radio license without telling FCC
September 11, 2013 --

Sept. 11, 2013 — Former Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers took back control of a Cartersville radio station last year, apparently without notifying the Federal Communications Commission or his employer, Georgia Public Broadcasting. The station, tiny WYXC-AM, is at the center of an ongoing drama that’s spilled over into the courts and lit up Cartersville message boards. The current operators filed suit last month, alleging their partner had surreptitiously bought the station and kicked them out. They soon turned the tables by obtaining a court order restoring their access and denying his.

Rep. Christian Coomer (HD 14)

Rep. Christian Coomer (HD 14)
May 2, 2013 --

Coomer’s most generous campaign donors include fellow legislators and a number of local businesses in his district. Since he ran for the House, though, proponents of free-standing surgery centers, including the Harbin Clinic in Rome, Cartersville surgeon Dr. John Perry, Resurgens P.C. and the Georgia Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, have given nearly $11,000, the largest bloc of campaign money that Coomer has collected from a single interest.

The Georgia Industrial Loan Association, represented by former Rep. Charlie Watts, treated Coomer to an $1,148, three-day weekend at The Shores Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, Fla., for its 2012 annual convention.