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Report: Family violence, loved one’s death affected 5th-grader before suicide

August 26, 2009 --

Domestic violence and the death last year of a beloved grandmother may have played a role in the suicide of a DeKalb County fifth-grader, an investigative report released Wednesday says. Retired Fulton County judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore found “no evidence” that school officials were told of alleged bullying of Jaheem Herrera, 11, before he took his life. But the judge suggested Jaheem was affected by domestic violence directed against his mother and by the death six months earlier of the grandmother who raised him.

DeKalb spends $170K on bullying probe; written reports remain private

DeKalb spends $170K on bullying probe; written reports remain private
June 29, 2009 --

The DeKalb County school system has paid a retired judge $170,000 — and apparently plans to spend even more — to investigate bullying that’s said to have led to the suicide of a fifth-grader at Dunaire Elementary. But, whatever the school district may learn, its attorneys say the written findings are not subject to public […]

DeKalb vows ‘transparent’ probe of bullying response

April 27, 2009 --

DeKalb School Superintendent Crawford Lewis today promised a thorough and transparent investigation to see how the system handled bullying complaints that led to the suicide of a Dunaire Elementary student. Although the system’s investigation is continuing, Lewis said the mother of Jaheem Herrera, 11, clearly had visited Dunaire to complain about bullies harassing her son. […]