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Study: MARTA sales taxes won’t bounce back til 2017

Study: MARTA sales taxes won't bounce back til 2017
August 15, 2009 --

Sales tax collections that support Atlanta’s rapid-transit system will not return to pre-recession levels until 2017, according to a new economic forecast. Georgia State University’s Rajeev Dhawan says sales tax revenue will continue to fall through 2011 and will take six more years to climb back to 2008 levels.

MARTA panel: Waive conflict policy for Kaufman’s daughter

MARTA panel: Waive conflict policy for Kaufman's daughter
August 10, 2009 --

A conflicted committee of the MARTA board today recommended hiring a company that employs the daughter of one of its members. Edelman Public Relations is clearly the best choice to run a marketing campaign aimed at marshaling public support for MARTA during the 2010 state legislative session, agency staffers said. The problem: Board member Barbara Babbit Kaufman‘s daughter is a senior VP at Edelman.