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Panama Papers: Ex-Falcon Gotshalk bought offshore firm

May 12, 2016 --

May 12, 2016 — Former Atlanta Falcon Leonard Gotshalk is one of the Americans who’s been found to have bought an offshore company, the Center for Public Integrity reports. Gotshalk bought the company just three days after federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment charging him with financial crimes

Gift ban would hit government lobbyists hardest

Gift ban would hit government lobbyists hardest
January 14, 2010 --

Which lobbyists would be hit hardest by a proposed ban on $100-plus gifts to Georgia legislators? Hint: Lobbyist Dene Herbert Sheheane and the others hand out a lot of tickets to ballgames.

Doraville says no to new Falcons stadium on GM site

October 21, 2009 --

The Doraville City Council has voted unanimously to oppose building a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons on the site of the former General Motors plant. DeKalb County officials are pursuing a public-private partnership to redevelop the 160-acre site, but they have not confirmed that a new home for the Falcons is in the mix. Doraville council members were not so coy.