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Rep. Mike Cheokas (HD 138)

Rep. Mike Cheokas (HD 138)
October 30, 2012 --

Cheokas’ campaign fund-raising fell off after Democrats lost control of the Georgia House. But it picked back up again after he switched parties in December 2010, thanks in large part to his new Republican colleagues, who’ve given him more than $132,000 since then — more than half of all his donations in that period.

GA Supremes overturn ex-cop’s double-dipping conviction

GA Supremes overturn ex-cop's double-dipping conviction
January 25, 2010 --

Former Unadilla Police Chief Leonard Smith was never told when a grand jury would consider indicting him for billing two different police agencies for work during the same hours. That oversight was enough to throw out his conviction and five-year prison sentence, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled today.