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Study: Metro hospitals fall short on affordable health care

Study: Metro hospitals fall short on affordable health care
June 25, 2010 --

Many metro Atlanta hospitals should do more to improve access to health care for the low-income and uninsured, a new study has concluded. The hospitals mark up costs by as much as 700 percent. Some barely meet state standards for providing free medical care. And only half post legally required signs to let uninsured patients know about financial-aid programs.

James Gardner, CEO, Northeast Ga. Medical Center: $1,279,387

March 11, 2010 --

Gardner earned $821,619 in salary in fiscal year 2008, plus a benefit package worth $457,768, according to tax records for Northeast Georgia Health Systems, which owns the Gainesville medical center. That’s 35 times what the average Hall County resident earned.

‘Model practices,’ excessive pay reported at Floyd hospital

July 21, 2009 --

Floyd County’s medical center exhibits some “model practices” in indigent care and strong community outreach, a statewide consumer group reported today. But CEO Kurt Stuenkel makes a salary comparable to some Fortune 500 executives, and the hospital charges huge mark-ups on some services — nearly 2,500 percent for anesthesiology, Georgia Watch said.