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‘Unacceptable deference to … authority’ fueled MARTA P-card abuse

'Unacceptable deference to ... authority' fueled MARTA P-card abuse
November 19, 2010 --

A “complete failure” of internal controls allowed a top MARTA aide to charge several thousand dollars of personal expenses to the transit agency, auditors reported Thursday. The aide, the executive assistant to general manager Beverly Scott, was fired in August. Auditors blamed, in part, “an unacceptable deference to positions of authority” for the long delay in detecting the problem.

New Gulf compensation chief lags in claims

New Gulf compensation chief lags in claims
September 1, 2010 --

Just over a week ago, when Kenneth Feinberg took over handling of damage claims from the Gulf oil spill, he promised to cut through the delays and confusion common under the much-maligned BP system. But Feinberg’s goals – particularly his pledge to respond to personal claims for emergency payments within 48 hours – may be overly ambitious. Applicants say that they have not received responses within two days of filing claims and have encountered an array of service problems.

Milton Little Jr., United Way of Metro Atlanta CEO: $435,962

Milton Little Jr., United Way of Metro Atlanta CEO: $435,962
October 6, 2009 --

The United Way would not disclose CEO Milton Little‘s salary when the AJC wrote about compensation for his predecessor, Mark O’Connell, in 2007. Now the organization has filed tax forms reporting Little’s 2008 compensation as nearly $436,000, including benefits and $77,000 in expenses.

Committee for Missing Children officials: David & Karen Thelen, $132,822

August 12, 2009 --

This Gwinnett County-based group spent 86 cents of every dollar on professional fund-raisers — not missing children. Much of what was left went to CEO David Thelen and his wife.

‘Model practices,’ excessive pay reported at Floyd hospital

July 21, 2009 --

Floyd County’s medical center exhibits some “model practices” in indigent care and strong community outreach, a statewide consumer group reported today. But CEO Kurt Stuenkel makes a salary comparable to some Fortune 500 executives, and the hospital charges huge mark-ups on some services — nearly 2,500 percent for anesthesiology, Georgia Watch said.

Sembler tax break would cost DeKalb $19M in property taxes

Sembler tax break would cost DeKalb $19M in property taxes
June 9, 2009 --

DeKalb County government and schools would realize a net loss of $19 million in property taxes if the county grants a 20-year tax break for a Brookhaven project, a review of the developer’s request shows. The developer, The Sembler Co., says its completed residential and shopping complex would generate taxes and fees that would far […]