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Balfour expense records under wraps until prosecution’s done

Balfour expense records under wraps until prosecution's done

Oct. 2, 2013 — All expense records for state Sen. Don Balfour will be withheld from public view until a related criminal prosecution has concluded, Legislative Counsel Wayne Allen said today.

More questions as Real PAC files delinquent tax forms

More questions as Real PAC files delinquent tax forms

Sept. 26, 2013 — Real PAC, a political committee with close ties to Gov. Nathan Deal, has filed its first tax forms with the IRS, one of which was more than a year overdue. The filings raise new questions about the timing of large gifts from businesses seeking state contracts or legislation.

Ethics panel’s lone Democrat steps down

Ethics panel's lone Democrat steps down

Sept. 17, 2013 — Kent Alexander, the lone Democrat on the state ethics commission, has left that position. His resignation letter to Gov. Nathan Deal gave no reason for his departure but notes that he plans to “focus on other professional and civic commitments.” Alexander was not immediately available for comment.

Ex-DeKalb judicial candidate admits defrauding investors

Ex-DeKalb judicial candidate admits defrauding investors

Sept. 11, 2013 — Attorney Michael Rothenberg today admitted defrauding investors who gave him more than $1.3 million. The proceeds, federal prosecutors said, were used for personal expenses and for Rothenberg’s losing 2010 campaign to become a DeKalb Superior Court judge.

Balfour’s fund-raising plummets with GBI probe pending

Balfour's fund-raising plummets with GBI probe pending

July 8, 2013 — Sen. Don Balfour has learned — the hard way — what a difference a year can make. Balfour today reported collecting just $2,000 in political donations for the first six months of 2013, following his demotion to chairing the Senate Reapportionment Committee. For the same period in each of the previous two years, he pulled in $137,000.

Supremes: Not enough proof to overturn sheriff’s re-election

June 3, 2013 — A candidate did not present enough evidence of irregularities to overturn a 2012 election that he lost to Baker County Sheriff Dana Meade, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled today. Tim Williamson received about one-third more votes than Meade in the 2012 Democratic primary but lost a runoff by 39 votes. Williamson challenged the results claiming there were irregularities with absentee ballots and votes bought with money or liquor, but the high court said it wouldn’t have changed the outcome even if true.

Judge finds racial imbalance in Fayette elections

May 21, 2013 — Fayette County commissioners have until June 25 to propose fixes for election practices that a federal judge ruled today are racially discriminatory.
All bets are off, though, if commissioners decide to appeal the ruling, a choice they will discuss in a closed-door session Thursday.

Ga. Dem chair Berlon gets State Bar reprimand

Ga. Dem chair Berlon gets State Bar reprimand

May 20, 2013 — The Georgia Supreme Court today signed off on a reprimand for state Democratic Party chair Mike Berlon for his inaction in a 2005 child-custody case. A special master found that Berlon failed to file a change of custody petition requested by a client, who only found out when he appeared in court. “This has been going on for a long, long time and it’s nice to get it resolved,” Berlon said.

Rep. Brooks indicted for alleged $1M embezzlement

Rep. Brooks indicted for alleged $1M embezzlement

Tyrone Brooks, a Georgia state legislator for 33 years, has been indicted for allegedly misappropriating nearly $1 million from two organizations that he falsely represented as charities, authorities said today. A federal grand jury charged that he used the money to pay for personal expenses, including home repairs, furniture, lawn service, life insurance, entertainment, utilities, food and clothing, dry cleaning, electronic equipment and jewelry.

Ex-Rep. Jerguson faces contempt order, $640K default judgment

Ex-Rep. Jerguson faces contempt order, $640K default judgment

May 14, 2013 — A federal judge has held former Rep. Sean Jerguson in contempt of court and entered a $640,000 default judgment against him and his partners in a Cedartown mobile home park. U.S. District Judge Marvin Shoob ruled Thursday that Jerguson and Sapphire Pointe LLC were in “flagrant disregard” of the court’s February order compelling them to produce information and documents sought by an Arkansas bank seeking to collect on a loan.

Ethics reform for dummies, Part 2: Campaign finance

March 28, 2013 — Sen. Jeff Mullis wants to level the playing field regarding campaign fund-raising for legislative races (because incumbents are at such a disadvantage). A worthy goal, but I’d do it a little differently. Five ideas to improve Georgia’s campaign finance laws:

1) Bar incumbent legislators from accepting political contributions if they don’t draw opposition at qualifying time.

Ethics reform for dummies, Part 1: Lobbyist gifts

Ethics reform for dummies, Part 1: Lobbyist gifts

March 26, 2013 — To Georgia legislators: As you struggle toward a compromise on ethics “reform,” here are five suggestions that would REALLY help to restore Georgians’ faith in government.
1) Limit lobbyist gifts to $25 per day, with a limit of four per year. That allows them to buy you a meal and a beer, but not the bottles of wine that really drive up the cost up of these $100 meals. And no gifts for spouses. Pay for those yourselves. Suck it up.

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