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Delta Air Lines: $30 million

Delta Air Lines: $30 million

Delta Air Lines posted third-quarter profit of $549 million today, thanks to fare increases and strong corporate travel, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. So why exactly did Delta need a $15 million-a-year exemption from sales taxes on jet fuel? You’ll have to ask the Georgia General Assembly

Northpoint Hospitality Group, $2 million

Northpoint Hospitality Group, $2 million

Owners of an undeveloped Midtown parking lot will get a $2 million break on future property taxes so Hilton can build a hotel there.

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    This page covers financial disclosures by public officials -- including personal finances, campaign accounts and business transactions with public agencies.

  • do it yourself salary investigation

    -- The size of any public employee's paycheck is public information. Ask at your city hall or county courthouse.

    -- Past years' pay for any state worker, including local school employees, can be searched at the State Auditor's Web site. (This data does not include local pay supplements often paid to teachers, judges and others.)

    -- Non-profit groups, since they are tax-exempt, must file tax returns showing top salaries and other spending. The groups must make recent returns available to the public on request. also lets you look up a group's three most recent returns online for free.

    -- Publicly traded companies must report pay for executives and boards of directors to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which offers an online search. Select a company and look for its DEF 14A report.