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Helene Gayle, CEO of CARE: $431,000

President and CEO of CARE. This was her pay and benefits for FY08; she and other managers took a 10 percent pay cut recently as part of austerity measures at the Atlanta-based charity.

Arthur Ferdinand: $325,846

Fulton County’s tax commissioner. He earns a base pay of $124,105, but also pockets $200,000 in additional fees from Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Johns Creek for collecting those cities’ taxes, according to Richard Belcher’s excellent report on WSB-TV.

Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries chairman: $299,000

President and chairman of In Touch Ministries. His compensation for the year ending Sept. 30, 2007, was in addition to his undisclosed salary as pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta.

Doug Marchand, Georgia Ports Authority executive: $443,866

Executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority. His 2007-08 compensation (above) included $54,630 for travel and expenses.

Roxanne Spillett, Boys & Girls Clubs president: $981,984

President of the non-profit Boys & Girls Clubs of America, headquartered in Atlanta. Her 2007 compensation included $363,000 in supplemental executive retirement benefits.

Harry Johnson (president): $289,645; Richard Marshall (CFO):$203,715; Ed Jackson Jr. (executive architect) $211,374

The top three officers of the tax-exempt Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation made a combined $704,000 in 2007. The group is raising cash to build a King monument on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The foundation also paid a “license fee” of $761,160 to Intellectual Properties Management Inc., a for-profit company owned […]

Sallie Brewer, ex-Bryan County school superintendent: $185,935

The Bryan County school board will shell out that much to the dismissed school superintendent, the Savannah Morning News reports. Brewer was asked to hit the road in February. The sum includes $67,000 just for unused vacation — a contract sweetener that some board members regret.

Michael Vick, NFL quarterback: $1,350,000

Not really a salary, but … the U.S. Labor Department alleges former Falcons quarterback Vick improperly withdrew $1.35 million in a little over a year from the pension plan for employees of MV7, his marketing firm (back when he had an image worth marketing).

Arthur J. Stein & Linda Dozoretz, Children’s Wish Foundation executives: $520,000

This couple (husband and wife) made this much as CEO & executive director of the Atlanta-based Children’s Wish Foundation International. The charity in 2007 spent 60 percent of its income on fund-raising and 20 percent on granting wishes.

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