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Bill Myers, Gwinnett fire chief: $135,000

Bill Myers, Gwinnett fire chief: $135,000

Gwinnett’s new fire chief, George W. “Bill” Myers,” will start at an annual salary of $135,000 under an employment contract that takes effect Saturday. His pay range, though, extends upward to $177,914. Also, he’s eligible for a take-home car or a car allowance of $4,160 a year.

Gerald Weinberg, Muscular Dystrophy Association CEO: about $412,000

Gerald Weinberg, Muscular Dystrophy Association CEO: about $412,000

For decades, civic-minded Americans have connected Labor Day with a worthy cause – Jerry’s kids, the telethon sponsored by the Muscular Dystrophy Association and hosted by entertainer Jerry Lewis. Few of them know Gerry’s salary — Gerald C. Weinberg, that is, MDA’s president and CEO. Weinberg earned a salary of $308,846 during a short, nine-month fiscal year in 2007. Pro-rated for a full year, his salary worked out to about $412,000.

Glenn Stephens, Gwinnett County administrator: $253,600

Glenn Stephens, Gwinnett County administrator: $253,600

Glenn Stephens, the new Gwinnett County administrator, signed a five-year contract this week worth $1.3 million. He’ll start with a base salary of $228,000 plus perks. The county will also pay the premiums for a 20-year term life insurance policy, but the contract does not specify the amount of the coverage. Read on and download the contract, if you like.

Committee for Missing Children officials: David & Karen Thelen, $132,822

This Gwinnett County-based group spent 86 cents of every dollar on professional fund-raisers — not missing children. Much of what was left went to CEO David Thelen and his wife.

Average ATL non-profit CEO: $173,691

Average CEO pay at American non-profit groups is $158,075, up 6 percent over last year, according to a study released today by Charity Navigator. The New Jersey-based watchdog group compared CEO compensation based on geography (pay at Atlanta charities ranked 15th among U.S. cities), categories and size. Charity Navigator’s report also offered tips for donors trying to assess whether a non-profit’s CEO pay is too high.

John Thompson, DNR asst. financial director, $109,900: ‘I do nothing’

A 29-year employee of the state Department of Natural Resources, Thompson was transferred to a supervisory job but did no supervising. During an interview by the Inspector General’s office, Thompson flippantly stated, “I do nothing.”

Kurt Stuenkel, Floyd Medical Center CEO: $901,948

Kurt Stuenkel, Floyd Medical Center CEO: $901,948

Kurt Stuenkel, the CEO of Floyd Medical Center in Rome earned that much (plus expenses) in FY 2007, according to Georgia Watch.

Gene Beckstein, Good News at Noon founder: $12,000

Founder and co-director of Good News at Noon, a Christian ministry for the homeless in Gainesville, for working 20 hours a week in 2007. Congressman Nathan Deal’s campaign fund made a $91,000 donation to the charity earlier this year.

Cancer Fund of America execs: $537,981 for father, 3 sons

Cancer Fund of America execs: $537,981 for father, 3 sons

The Better Business Bureau has cautioned donors that a cancer charity soliciting in Georgia spends only a fraction of what it collects on patients, the AJC reports today. The rest, tax records show, pretty much goes to charity executives and to professional fund-raisers to raise more money. And to buy some nice new cars.

Michael F. Adams, University of Georgia president: $631,922

President, University of Georgia, FY 2008 salary and benefits. Adams also collected $16,090 for expenses from the university and two foundations supporting it, tax records show.

Don McChesney, Atlanta Boy Scout executive: $278,808

Top executive of the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America; 2007 salary & benefits.

Gary P. Stokan, Peach Bowl president: $380,632

President of the Peach Bowl. Stokan’s salary is paid by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, which — as a non-profit business league — does not have to disclose his salary. But the Peach Bowl does, since it pays the chamber to run its affairs and Stokan works for both organizations. Peach Bowl records show […]

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