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Bob Barr Leadership Fund out of gas?

Bob Barr Leadership Fund out of gas?

The Bob Barr Leadership Fund, once among the largest political action committees in Georgia, appears to be just about out of cash. Looks may be deceiving, though. The committee’s fate, treasurer Paul Kilgore said Tuesday, is “to be determined. … I think they want to keep their options open.” Barr (right), a former U.S. attorney […]

Missouri developer’s PAC made $123,000 in political donations with no disclosure

Missouri developer's PAC made $123,000 in political donations with no disclosure

By JIM WALLS May 4, 2009 — A Georgia-based political action committee gave $123,000 in political donations in the 2008 election cycle without reporting them, Atlanta Unfiltered has learned. The PAC is funded primarily by a Missouri developer, Jeffrey E. Smith (right), whose companies receive state and federal tax credits to build low-income housing in […]

Atlanta sitting on $4 million in refunds to water customers

Atlanta’s water department has illegally kept $4 million that should have been refunded to 29,000 customers who closed their accounts, a city audit shows. Apparently, part of the problem is that no one ever told customer-service reps in the water department about changes last year in the city code. Auditors said employees who handle refunds […]

Ethics Commission drops Lisa Borders lobbying complaint

Ethics Commission drops Lisa Borders lobbying complaint

The state has dropped an ethics investigation of Atlanta mayoral candidate Lisa Borders (right) because the person who filed the complaint could not prove misconduct. Borders, who is president of the Atlanta City Council, was accused of improperly lobbying Georgia legislators to pass a so-called “private cities” bill on behalf of her then-employer, Cousins Properties. […]

Lawmaker, former client, square off over alleged malpractice

A civil trial of a legal malpractice claim against state Rep. Randal Mangham got under way Thursday in DeKalb County State Court. Karen Smith, an employee of the Dekalb Sheriff’s Department, claims Mangham fouled up a personal injury case stemming from a 1995 car wreck on Cascade Road in southwest Atlanta. She alleges that Mangham’s […]

DeKalb legislator, accused of malpractice, back in court

A DeKalb County legislator gets his day in court today to defend against a legal malpractice claim that has lingered since 2004. Or not. State Rep. Randal Mangham lost a 2005 trial in the case and was ordered to pay $293,000 to a client who had been injured in an auto accident. Mangham won a […]

Investigators: DeKalb chief took 56 unapproved comp days

Investigators: DeKalb chief took 56 unapproved comp days

DeKalb County’s top cop took more than $35,000 in comp days even after his supervisor refused to sign off on them, investigative records show. Terrell Bolton was fired as police chief in February for, among other things, abusing comp time. Although DeKalb’s police manual forbids executives from accruing comp time or overtime pay, the chief […]

DeKalb vows ‘transparent’ probe of bullying response

DeKalb School Superintendent Crawford Lewis today promised a thorough and transparent investigation to see how the system handled bullying complaints that led to the suicide of a Dunaire Elementary student. Although the system’s investigation is continuing, Lewis said the mother of Jaheem Herrera, 11, clearly had visited Dunaire to complain about bullies harassing her son. […]

DeKalb chief’s comp time: Dinner … and a movie!

DeKalb chief's comp time: Dinner ... and a movie!

One Sunday last April, then-DeKalb County Police Chief Terrell Bolton suited up for a three-hour Buckhead dinner honoring two slain officers. On a Saturday night several weeks earlier, the chief spent three hours at the Atlanta premiere of the new movie by Tyler Perry, “Meet the Browns.” And, for the 2007 holiday season, Bolton took […]

Unopposed speaker raised $953,000

Unopposed speaker raised $953,000

House Speaker Glenn Richardson has 54,000 constituents in his legislative district in eastern Paulding County. Just two of them donated money to the speaker’s 2007-08 election fund. Three businesses in the 19th District also gave to the speaker’s campaign, as did the Paulding Chamber of Commerce. Together, the six donations — totaling $5,840 – added […]

DeKalb may still owe fired police chief thousands of $$$$

DeKalb may still owe fired police chief thousands of $$$$

DeKalb County may still owe fired Police Chief Terrell Bolton (right) several thousand dollars, even if his dismissal is upheld at a civil service hearing. The county’s new CEO, Burrell Ellis, fired Bolton in February for comp time abuses and other infractions. Bolton took about $35,000 in unauthorized comp time in late 2007 and 2008, […]

Two Fulton County sheriff’s lieutenants arrested

The news release from the U.S. Attorney’s office, sent at 1:59 p.m. on Thursday, April 23: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CONTACT:  Patrick Crosby 4/23/09 (404) 581-6016 FAX (404)581-6160 TWO FULTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S LIEUTENANTS ARRESTED Two Lieutenants Indicted for Civil Rights Violations and Obstruction of Justice for Incidents at Fulton County Jail   Atlanta, GA – […]

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    You can look up liens for back taxes or other debts in the property record room at your county courthouse. For a fee, a statewide database of liens and property records can be searched online at the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority.

    The GSCCCA database is not foolproof, though. A thorough search of Fulton County's property records, for instance, will require a visit to the courthouse. That's because Fulton County's records are, to use a technical term, screwed up. Some fairly recent records have been lost so some lien cancellations, among other things, are not indexed properly. Some cancellations are not recorded by the clerk for a year of more after they are filed. In one instance, the tax commissioner did not cancel the lien after it had been paid off.