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Ralph David Abernathy III

Ralph David Abernathy III

1999: Abernathy went to prison for 15 months for stealing $5,700 through false expense vouchers and offering an aide $2,700 to lie about it to the GBI. After his release, he went back for 11 more months for bilking two women of $35,000 by promising to win their loved ones’ release from prison. 1998: Alerted […]

Tim Madison

Tim Madison

Madison built a reputation as a tough guy over 24 years as Piedmont Circuit district attorney (Jackson, Banks and Barrow counties). He got caught billing Banks County for salary expenses that the state was already paying and helping his wife double-dip on two jobs in his office. He kept about $40,000 for himself, buying a […]

  • about this page

    Some criminals have their photos and crimes plastered all over the Internet, so people know who they are and what they did. Not politicians -- until now. The Crooked Politician Registry is an archive of info on public servants who crossed the line.

  • do it yourself corruption investigation

    Most public corruption cases in Georgia are prosecuted in federal court. The U.S. attorney for North Georgia, including metro Atlanta, has an excellent Web site with archived news releases on prominent cases.

    Federal court files may be searched online for a nominal fee through PACER. (The first $10 a year of searches are free.)

    With the right keywords, online search engines will also turn up news releases or court rulings on a particular case at no cost.

    You can also search the Georgia and federal prison systems to find inmates and their crimes.