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AtlantaUnfiltered needs your help. We need news tips, story ideas and — perhaps most importantly — the public documents that will shine a light on waste, corruption, conflicts of interest and hypocrisy in government and public institutions.

Tipsters may remain anonymous. But please be advised: I generally will only post public records that I consider newsworthy, and I must be able to confirm that a document is authentic and has not been taken out of context. (For instance, I will not post a tax lien if a more recent document indicates the lien has been lifted.) So if you don’t let me know how to contact you about your submission, let me know where I can look at the original documents if I need to. I will use my own news judgment to decide which documents to post and which leads to follow.

Having said that, I regard just about any document produced by government or filed in the courts as a public document. We pay the salaries of the public servants who produce and compile them. They work for us. So let’s peek over their shoulders and take a closer look at what they’re up to.

You may send documents to:

P.O. Box 730

Decatur, GA 30031

You may also e-mail documents to this address:

I prefer documents in .pdf format, but I will take whatever you have. Electronic databases would also be lovely.


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