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DeKalb Commission candidate Randal Mangham: Liens, bills for $100K+ in unpaid taxes


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Randal Mangham

Randal Mangham

Dec 1, 2016 — Randal Mangham now says he misspoke when he recently disputed a question about more than $16,000 in ethics penalties and unpaid property taxes.

But those sums, courthouse and tax records show, are just a smidgen of the debts he’s run up since his election 16 years ago to the Georgia Legislature.

Mangham, a DeKalb County Commission candidate in a Dec. 6 runoff, is still working to pay off more than $800,000 in personal and business liabilities, records show.

Here’s the rundown:

  • The IRS imposed a $103,692 lien on Mangham in 2013 on taxes owed for 2004 through 2006. In a telephone interview, he indicated he’s paying off the debt. “I am current with my taxes,” he said whether he had a payment plan. “I do have an arrangement with the IRS.”
  • A second IRS lien for $50,958 remains on the books for Metropolitan Management Corp. of Tennessee, which owned a Knoxville, Tenn., radio station until its broadcast license expired in 2012. Mangham, who was the company’s president and owned a piece of it, would not directly answer when Atlanta Unfiltered asked whether the taxes had been paid. “That corporation no longer exists,” he said.
  • Some $4,383 in past-due property taxes are due on a southwest Atlanta home in which Mangham holds an interest. Thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes from earlier years were resolved when a tax-collection company bought up the liens, records show.
  • Another $19,559 bill on a nearby home has accumulated for eight years of back taxes and garbage collection fees. Mangham disclosed owning an interest in the home in 2008 and 2009, when about $8,400 of the unpaid charges date from. He told me his “security interest” in the home “extinguished” but could not recall when that occurred.
  • A DeKalb County jury in 2009 awarded $625,000 to a former client of Mangham’s who sued him for malpractice. Court records show he paid the award in 2012 after filing an unsuccessful appeal.
  • In 2006, he paid more than $87,000 in past due Georgia income taxes after the state Department of Revenue filed a lien for money owed for two previous tax years.

Concerns about Mangham’s finances surfaced at an Oct. 10 candidate forum in a question posed by Jennifer Parker, editor of CrossRoads News. According to the newspaper’s report:

To a question about $11,337 tax and water liens on properties he owned in Atlanta in 2009, and a $5,000 fine for not filing his campaign disclosure forms, while a state representative, Mangham said he had already paid the taxes before the information hit the media in 2009.

“That episode was a political message from my political opponents in the legislature to keep me in line.” he said. “And secondly, there was no $5,000 fine. I don’t know where you got that information but that is incorrect.”

Mangham later backtracked, acknowledging he had signed a consent order with the State Ethics Commission and agreed to pay a $5,000 penalty, as Atlanta Unfiltered reported in 2009. The fine stemmed from Mangham’s failure to file several financial disclosures in 2006 and 2007.

In an interview Tuesday, Mangham said he misunderstood Parker’s question when he said the taxes had been paid. He said he thought she was asking about an article published around 2003 about unpaid taxes from earlier years.

In fact, Parker was asking about $11,337 in tax liens that Atlanta Unfiltered reported about in 2009. At least some of those liens were satisfied when they were sold to a private tax-collection company, records show.





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