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Rep. Taylor Bennett (HD 80)


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Taylor J. Bennett (D-Brookhaven)


District 80 (DeKalb & Fulton counties)


Bennett Taylor

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett’s biggest donors have been traditional Democratic allies — trial lawyers and unions. He’s also collected more than $14,000 from other Democratic legislators.

Legislative website

Campaign website

Voting record

Born: 1985

Political career

  • Elected to the House in 2015, winning a special election runoff 55-45% over former Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis.
  • Faces Republican candidate Meagan Hanson in the 2016 general election.

Committee assignments

  • Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight (2015 – present)
  • Judiciary (2015 – present)
  • Small Business Development (2015 – present)


  • Attorney. Associate, Barrett & Farahany LLP.

Business ownership interests

  • Bennett Law Group.

Other fiduciary positions

  • None disclosed.

Real estate holdings

  • None disclosed.

Other investments

  • None disclosed.

Payments from state agencies

  • None disclosed.

Friends and Family

NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who played two seasons at Georgia Tech when Bennett was back-up quarterback, gave $2,500 to his 2015 campaign.

Campaign contributions

Bennett has raised more than $209,000 in political donations since 2015. The breakdown by election cycle:

  • 2015 special election: $79,911
  • 2015-16: $129,766
  • Reported cash on hand (Oct. 2016): $77,846

Top donors

  • $14,225 Rep. Ronnie Mabra & other Democratic lawmakers
  • $13,000 Georgia Trial Lawyers Association & leadership
  • $7,900 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • $6,100 Mary Ellen Imlay, Atlanta, Ga., retired
  • $5,500 Morgan & Morgan P.A., law firm
  • $5,700 Amanda Farahany & Teguiero Smith, attorneys Barrett Farahany LLP
  • $5,100 LL Atlanta LLC dba Opera Atlanta Transportation
  • $5,100 Timothy Muir, VP Choice Hotels
  • $3,800 Michael Muir, VP Best Western Hotels
  • $3,100 Red Clay Democrats PAC
  • $2,600 David Dechman, CEO Summitt Rock Advisors
  • $2,600 Jon Stryker, executive Stream Line Circle

Campaign-to-campaign donations

Candidates may give campaign funds to other candidates, a practice that some say provides a legal means to circumvent contribution limits. A 2003 bill to ban such transfers altogether passed in the Senate but died in the House. Bennett’s campaign made these donations:

  • 2015: $500
Lobbyist freebies

Since 2015, lobbyists have reported paying more than $400 for meals and other gifts for Bennett. The big spender:
  • $70 The Latin American Association.

Committee days & travel expenses

When out of session, legislators may collect $173 per day plus mileage for committee meetings or other official business. Those living within 50 miles of the Capitol are taxed on these payments, originally intended to cover out-of-town members’ food and lodging.

  • 2015: $186 (1 day)

 Posted Oct. 23, 2016





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2 Responses to “Rep. Taylor Bennett (HD 80)”

  1. Gaye Stathis says:

    Taylor Bennett looks pretty squeaky clean to me per the information you’ve posted here. Surprised you categorized a $70 transaction as a “Big Spender”.

  2. Jim Walls says:

    Everyone gets at least one Big Spender, no matter the amount.