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Rep.-elect Karen Mathiak (HD 77)


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Karen I. Mathiak (R-Griffin)


District 73 (Spalding, Fayette & Henry counties)


Dr. Karen Mathiak

Dr. Karen Mathiak

There’s little doubt that Karen Mathiak is the candidate of Georgia’s chiropractors. “This is an unprecedented opportunity for ALL chiropractors in Georgia to have a voice at the capitol,” PAC chair Dr. Brad Pizza writes on the Georgia Council of Chiropractic’s website.

Mathiak is treasurer of the PAC for the profession’s other trade group in the state, the Georgia Chiropractic Association. Several of the group’s board members hosted a fund-raiser for her, and more than half of her campaign donations come from the profession. She also served for more than a decade on Georgia’s licensing board for chiropractors.

Legislative website

Campaign website

Political career

  • Appointed in 2003 to the Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners by Gov. Sonny Perdue; reappointed in 2011 by Gov. Nathan Deal, serving until early 2016.
  • Served three terms as chair of the Spalding County Republican Party.
  • Elected to the House, 65-35%, in 2016 after unseating Rep. John Yates in the Republican primary runoff.


  • Health & Human Services (2017 – )
  • Higher Education  (2017 – )
  • State Planning & Community Affairs  (2017 – )


  • Chiropractor, self-employed.

Business ownership interests

  • Owner, Mathiak Chiropractic Center.

Other fiduciary positions

  • Board member, Georgia Chiropractic Association.

Real estate holdings

  • Personal residence in Griffin & adjoining lot valued at $94,000.
  • Office in Griffin valued at $85,000.

Other investments

  • Morgan Stanley.

Payments from state agencies

  • None disclosed.

Campaign contributions

Mathiak has raised more than $103,000 in political donations in 2016.

  • Reported cash on hand (Oct. 2016): $22,893

Top donors

  • $27,500 House Speaker David Ralston & other Republican lawmakers
  • $21,450 Georgia Chiropractic Association & board members
  • $4,100 Georgia Council of Chiropractic & board members
  • $3,900 ActivHealthCare, Lilburn, Ga., chiropractic network affiliated with GCA
  • $3,900 Beth Long, assistant Griffin Wellness Center
  • $2,600 Josh Askew, Experiment, Ga., CEO Spalding Amusement Co.
  • $2,000 John Webster, Roswell, Ga., chiropractor

Campaign-to-campaign donations

Candidates may give campaign funds to other candidates, a practice that some say provides a legal means to circumvent contribution limits. A 2003 bill to ban such transfers altogether passed in the Senate but died in the House. Mathiak’s campaign made these donations:

  • 2016: $350

 Updated Jan. 15, 2017





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