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21 GA lawmakers soliciting donations during session


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Steve Henson’s website solicited campaign donations until he deactivated it today.


Feb. 25, 2016 — By law, Georgia legislators may not accept campaign donations from supporters or others hoping to curry favor during their annual 40-day session.

So why did Senate Minority Leader Steve Henson’s campaign website say that he could?

“We never get any money on that, so I forget about it,” he told me this afternoon.

Henson said he normally receives an online donation about once every two years. He called me back to see he hadn’t received any in 2016.

Two hours after I asked about it, Henson had the Donate button on his website deactivated. Most other legislators had already done that.

But 21 other Georgia lawmakers’ websites still solicit contributions, either through an online credit card payment or a mailing address where donors can send a check. They are:

State Senate

State House of Representatives





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