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Harvard survey: Georgia among most corrupt



Dec. 11, 2014 — Georgia is regarded as one of the most corrupt states across all branches of government, according to a new survey of journalists by Harvard University.

Respondents said illegal corruption is moderately to very common in Georgia’s executive branch and moderately common in its Legislature, a report from Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics found.

Corruption is slightly common in the state’s judicial branch, the center reported. That still ranked Georgia among the top one-third nationwide.

Georgia’s executive and legislative branches also ranked high in “legal corruption,” which the center defined as granting favors in exchange for campaign donations or political endorsements. In both cases, the survey found legal corruption is seen as very common.

Georgia didn’t rank number one, though. Thank God for Arizona and Kentucky, which were seen as most adept at legal and illegal corruption.

Six states ranked ahead of Georgia in illegal corruption, according to the survey: Arizona, California, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois and New Jersey.

For legal corruption, eight states topped Georgia: Kentucky, Illinois, Nevada, Mississippi, New Jersey, Alabama, New Mexico and New York.

The Center for Ethics’ survey was based on responses from 280 journalists nationwide covering state politics or issues related to corruption. Reporters were chosen because of their knowledge of state government and interaction with officials. (I was not one of those surveyed.)

Read the full report.





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