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Rookie rep eats crow for sex offender bill


Rep. Sam Moore's apology captivated a crowd of lobbyists and Capitol staffers in the halls outside the House chambers today.

Rep. Sam Moore’s apology captivated a crowd of lobbyists and Capitol staffers in the halls outside the House chambers today.

Feb. 24, 2014 — All eyes at the Capitol fell on Rep. Sam Moore today as he tried to explain his bill to allow sex offenders to hang out next to elementary schools and day-care centers.

Moore withstood a withering, Shock-and-Awe barrage of criticism last week as Republican legislators searched for new heights of hyperbole to describe their disgust. The bill, which he said was meant to repeal loitering laws, would also strike anti-loitering restrictions on registered sex offenders.

The rookie Republican took the well of the House to apologize for the embarrassment caused by ensuing news reports, but also blamed House leaders for not warning him of the potential fallout. Rules Chairman John Meadows, who controls the flow of legislation to the House floor, even suggested that he could make sure Moore never passes a bill.

Moore said he was rushing to drop the bill in the hopper before Day 30 of the legislative session, known as Crossover Day, when legislation must pass one chamber if it is to be considered by the other. After that day, Moore said, his bill would have been “D.O.A.”

Prompting one hallway observer to note: “Day One is his Crossover Day.”





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2 Responses to “Rookie rep eats crow for sex offender bill”

  1. St Nick says:

    Well there isn’t any accountability without Atlanta Unfiltered – there hasn’t been any coverage about a Federal Lawsuit against the State of Georgia, judges, attorneys, agencies – federal and state employees – any investigations against WHAT is happening in Atlanta Georgia regarding people losing their parental rights, fighting for the custody of their children from family and juvenile courts – the fact that 3000 children have been killed while in the custody of Georgia for the past few years – whistleblowers on this very issue – but the local news broadcasted a Federal Lawsuit on behalf of Gay Activist Groups for their petition to be recognized as married and to be recognized as a family – but biological mothers are losing their children and the State of Georgia is making millions that continue to line the pockets of all the judges, politician, state and federal employees who cover this RICO act up – this is 21st Century Slavery – and don’t forget about the Pedophile rings and how these children are brainwashed and abused in all sorts of ways – but no one will report about this – it just gets covered up over and over and over again