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ATL District 5: Christian Enterkin


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Leaders in the public sector have plenty of public resources to promote their political views, accomplishments and experience. Often much more can be found in the public record: personal and campaign finance disclosures, expense reports, and business, tax and court filings. Here’s what they show: 

Christian Marie Enterkin

Campaign website

Christian Enterkin

Christian Enterkin


Christian Enterkin’s campaign through Oct. 25 had raised nearly $25,000, more than half of which came from airport concessionaire Wassim Hojeij, his employees and affiliated businesses. 


News reports have raised questions about Enterkin’s objectivity on community billboard issues in that her employer, Landmark Dividend LLC, buys property leases for billboards, cellphone towers and other interests. Property records show Landmark with recent transactions at a half-dozen locations in DeKalb and Fulton counties. Enterkin, Landmark’s vice president for acquisitions, has accused the source of the reports — Atlanta Progressive News editor Matthew Cardinale, who’s accepted paid advertising from incumbent Natalyn Archibong, of being her “paid operative.”

Political career

  • Enterkin, making her first run for public office, faces Matthew Rinker, John Paul Michalik and incumbent Natayn Archibong in the Nov. 5 City Council race.


  • Vice president of acquisitions, Landmark Dividend, El Segundo, CA

Business ownership interests

  • None disclosed.

Other fiduciary positions

  • None disclosed.

Real estate holdings

  • Personal residence valued at $165,000.
  • Rental home valued at $72,000.

Other investments

  • None disclosed.

Campaign contributions

Donors have given nearly $25,000 to Enterkin’s campaign. She has kicked in another $2,050 of her own money. The breakdown by election cycle:

  • Reported cash on hand (Oct. 2013): ($-5,594)

Top donors

  • $12,150 Wassim Hojeij, family & businesses, airport concessionaire
  • $1,900 A Tow Atlanta Inc., towing company
  • $1,750 Vida Ghahremani and Jamshid Panahi, Marietta, Ga., airport concessionaire with ties to Wassim Hojeij
  • $1,000 Bethenod & Associates, car title lender
  • $1,000 Calloway Title and Escrow
  • $1,000 Landmark Dividend
  • $750 D. Kimbrough King Jr., real-estate developer
  • $722 Joe’s on Juniper

Posted Nov. 5, 2013





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