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ATL District 1: Carla Smith


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Leaders in the public sector have plenty of public resources to promote their political views, accomplishments and experience. Often much more can be found in the public record: personal and campaign finance disclosures, expense reports, and business, tax and court filings. Here’s what they show: 

Carla Ann Smith

Official website

Campaign website

Born: 1961

Carla Smith

Carla Smith


Carla Smith, seeking her fourth term on City Council, has raised a relatively modest $158,000 in campaign funds since 2001. Of her $148,000 in itemized donations, real-estate development interests gave at least $56,050, or 38 percent, an analysis of campaign disclosures shows. Engineers and other construction contractors kicked in another $9,900. The Atlanta Braves, who play their home games in District 1, along with Turner Field food vendor Aramark and broadcaster TBS donated $8,900 between them.

 Political career

  • Worked as administrative assistant to City Council member Vern McCarty from 1994 to 2001, when he chose not to seek re-election.
  • Elected to McCarty’s Council seat in 2001, winning a runoff with 69% of the vote. She defeated future Common Cause Georgia director William Perry and three other candidates.
  • Re-elected in 2005 and 2009 with no opposition.
  • Re-elected in 2013 with 77 percent of the vote.

Committee assignments

  • City Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Zoning


  • Member, Atlanta City Council.
  • No other outside income greater than $5,000 disclosed.

Business ownership interests

  • None disclosed.

Other fiduciary positions

  • None disclosed.

Real estate holdings

  • Personal residence valued at $133,000.

Other investments

  • None disclosed.

Conflicts of Interest

  • None disclosed.

Campaign contributions

Donors have given more than $158,000 to Smith’s campaign committee since 2001. The breakdown by election cycle:

  • 2001: $39,615
  • 2002-05: $42,296
  • 2006-09: $41,988
  • 2010-13: $36,050
  • Reported cash on hand (Oct. 25, 2013): $22,127

Top donors

  • $5,150 Atlanta Braves
  • $4,900 Vern McCarty, developer & former city council member
  • $4,500 A Tow Atlanta Inc.
  • $4,000 The Buckhead Coalition, community advocacy
  • $4,000 McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, law/lobbying firm
  • $4,000 Six Feet Under LLC, restaurant
  • $3,000 Atlantic Station LLC
  • $3,000 MWH/KHAFRA Joint Venture, engineering & program management
  • $2,500 Braden/Fellman Group Ltd., property management
  • $2,500 Master ConcessionAir LLC/Worldwide Concessions, Miami, Fla.
  • $2,500 Kasim Reed for Mayor Inc.
  • $2,500 Wilson Brock & Irby LLC, law firm

Campaign-to-campaign donations

Candidates may make political donations with campaign funds, allowing prolific fund-raisers to share their contributions with other legislators or candidates. Some advocacy groups believe such transfers should be limited to an aggregate of $10,000 per election cycle. Smith’s committee made these contributions:

  • 2002-05: $4,500
  • 2006-09: $1,000
  • 2010-13: $2,500

Posted Oct. 30, 2013; updated Nov. 21, 2013.





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