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Balfour indicted for $2,700 in false expense claims


Don Balfour

Don Balfour

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Sept. 27, 2013 — State Sen. Don Balfour was indicted today, based largely on Atlanta Unfiltered’s February 2012 report on sketchy entries in his expense account, for claiming per diem and mileage reimbursements that he wasn’t entitled to.

The 18-count indictment alleges that the Snellville Republican submitted false expense vouchers from 2008 to 2011 for 29 days that he shouldn’t have. Most of the said expenses were for days that Balfour was out of state, a discrepancy that I spotted by comparing his expense reports with those of lobbyists who’d paid for his meals and entertainment.

The allegedly false claims amount to about $2,700. No sum is cited in the indictment, but 10 days of per diem equals $1,730 and 64 roundtrips from Snellville adds up to $950 to $1,000 (depending on the mileage rates those years, which I haven’t looked up.)

Balfour has said the false claims were accounting errors. He amended his claims and paid back about $800 for those errors in April 2011.

But two counts in the indictment allege more than a simple oversight. The grand jury charged that Balfour falsified a roster of the Senate Rules Committee in April 2011 to seek payment for three days that January. A separate count alleges that he accepted a state check for more than $500 in 2009 for expenses that were also reimbursed by his employer, Waffle House.

(There’s more to come a little later, but I gotta go pick up my daughter at school).






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4 Responses to “Balfour indicted for $2,700 in false expense claims”

  1. Rebecca McCarthy says:

    “Turning over rocks one at a time and finding the worms.”
    There’s a motto for you!

  2. PeterHBurgess says:

    I have been a friend of Senator Balfour for over a half of a century and his love for Christ and me have never wavered. The very idea of his being dishonest is repulsive to me. Does any honest thinking individual even remotely believe that he would abscond with anything with his income and honor to God and country? When the truth is revealed someone who is actually the culprit will be exposed. Put down those “stones” you crooked politicians who seek to ruin a great servant. Dr. Peter H. Burgess

  3. Frank Gilkeson says:

    David Ralson, the Speaker of the Georgia House filed a $1 million campaign expense report for the 2014. He had an opponent in the primary but he ran unopposed int the general election.

    How did he spend the $1 million on his campaign?

    Here is a detail list of his campaign expense report filing. It shows all payments, who he paid, the date, the purpose of the payment and the amount of the payment. The list is sorted by purpose and a total payment amount is shown for each purpose.

    Did you know that elected public officials in georgia can use campaign contributions for the “fullfillment and retention of office”? That being the case, campaign contributions can be used from a multitude of purposes once someone gets elected. it becomes a kind of permanent “kitty” financed by sponsors of the elected official.

  4. Frank Gilkeson says:

    How would I get a copy of the audit process used by the Ethics Commission to audit Campaign Contributions and Expenses? Can I just submit an Open Records request to the Commission?