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Rep. Brooks indicted for alleged $1M embezzlement



May 16, 2013 — Tyrone Brooks, a Georgia state legislator for 33 years, has been indicted for tax fraud and other charges related to the alleged misappropriation of nearly $1 million from two organizations that he falsely represented as charities, authorities said today.

Tyrone Brooks

Tyrone Brooks

Federal prosecutors alleged that Brooks defrauded Universal Humanities Inc., which he told donors was battling illiteracy, and the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials, which he has served as president since 1993. In both cases, a federal indictment alleges, Brooks deposited donations in the organizations’ bank accounts and transferred them almost immediately to a personal account to pay his own expenses, including home repairs, furniture, lawn service, life insurance, entertainment, personal credit card expenses, utility bills, food and clothing, dry cleaning, electronic equipment, jewelry, and payments on personal loans.

Donors to the organizations included the Coca-Cola Co. ($496,500), Georgia-Pacific ($140,000), Northside Hospital ($240,000), Georgia Power Co. ($37,000) and the Teamsters ($36,000), prosecutors said.

Brooks did not disclose the allegedly misused money on his tax returns, reporting an annual income of about $35,000 or less to the IRS, authorities said.

The indictment accuses Brooks, 67, of 13 counts of mail fraud and 12 counts of wire fraud — each carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison — and five counts of filing false tax returns.

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3 Responses to “Rep. Brooks indicted for alleged $1M embezzlement”

  1. Vernon Hill says:

    How in hell did this crook stay in elected office for 33 years. He need to spend the rest of his life in Prison for shafting many people. Another example of a black using their race to screw others…….

  2. Dave Holland says:

    I guarantee you he will claim that he is being prosecuted solely because he is black. I simply cannot understand why black elected officials cannot stand up and admit that they have violated the law; take the penalty and go on. He is not being prosecuted because of his skin color, he is being prosecuted because he was stealing funds.

  3. Jim Walls says:

    Everyone of every political stripe knows how to use the victim card now, so it’s not like any one group of people has a monopoly on that tactic.