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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: $970,300 a year



Dec. 24, 2012 — Wayne LaPierre didn’t say so, but the pro-gun spokesmodel has 970,000 reasons to stand firm against restrictions on semi-automatic weapons like those used to slaughter 27 schoolchildren and teachers in Newtown, Conn.

That’s how much the National Rifle Association paid LaPierre, its CEO and executive vice president for two decades, in 2010.

U.S. taxpayers subsidize those salaries. That’s because the NRA, as a tax-exempt organization, paid no federal taxes on its $227 million in income in 2010. Tax records show it paid LaPierre even more — $1,263,101 — in 2008.

Ironically, the NRA makes so much money by casting itself as steadfast defender of gun rights against a federal boogeyman that, LaPierre claims, wants to destroy the Second Amendment. No boogeyman, no $1 million salary.

Other top 2010 salaries at the NRA:

  • $1,079,185 Kayne B. Robinson, executive director, general operations
  • $666,128 Chris W. Cox, exec director, ILA
  • $649,545 Wilson H. Phillips Jr., treasurer
  • $502,296 Tyler Schropp, executive director, advancement
  • $462,362 Edward J. Land Jr., secretary
  • $396,860 Michael Marcellin, managing director
  • $396,739 Joseph Graham, director of publications
  • $363,997 Mary Corrigan, chief of staff
  • $298,832 Robert Marcario, director, membership

You pay more taxes so the NRA doesn’t have to. Your tax dollars at work.





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4 Responses to “NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: $970,300 a year”

  1. Dan says:

    I also pay taxes to the very same government who distributes my tax dollars to foreign countries, most of whom hate us and also goes to federal agencies and law makers who are attempting to destroy our Constitution and freedoms. Because they don’t like what it says, they want to try to interpret it to suit their needs.
    Please………don’t try to blame the NRA or law abiding gun owners for what happened at Newtown, CT. There are more children killed by parents, boy friends, or automobiles every year then those killed at Newtown. Where is all the public outcry for them? Once again, some one is trying to make sure no horrific tragedy goes to waste.

  2. Gun nut says:

    Really Harry? As a knuckle-dragging Liberal, you obviously don’t read, listen to the radio or watch much television. The Socialist regime of the Obama machine has been Hell-bent on gun confiscation since he was a junior Senator in Illinois. Check the facts. The Democrats have long been anti-gun, gun-haters; thus anti-American since time began. I will say the Socialist in power has succeeded in convincing you “non-thinking followers” that we (concealed carry licensees) are out to shoot you in the back like the Old Wild West they envision This is hilarious at a minimum! This hasn’t happened! Check the facts. [Crime is D O W N.]

    To the non-thinkers: grow up and begin using YOUR brain and stop listening to Obama’s slanderous and anti-American propaganda. Those who follow and support Obama’s Socialism are partners helping to destroy the freedoms we USED to enjoy as red blooded Americans under the U. S. Constitution. Freedom is taken away one step at a time by leaders who want complete control of the people. Check the facts – Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, . . . .

  3. Tom Valenta says:

    The NRA is not and has never been a tax free, or taxpayer subsidised organization. It relies entirely on membership dues, and private donations to fund it’s operations. It has never been a 501 (c)3 organization.

  4. Jim Walls says:

    That’s not true, Tom Valenta. The NRA files tax forms annually with the IRS as a tax-exempt organization. The most recent shows LaPierre made a whopping $5,110,985 in 2015. It’s registered as a 501(c)(4).