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Report: Paul Broun among ‘most corrupt’ Congress-persons


Sept. 13, 2012 — Paul Broun’s conflicting accounts of more than $300,000 in loans to his election campaign make him one of the most corrupt members of Congress, a Washington activist group says.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who put Nathan Deal on a similar list a few years back, listed Broun among its dozen allegedly corrupt congressmen and -women for 2012. CREW presents the list as a ballot that readers can use to cast their vote and as a fund-raising tool.

Broun made the list for reporting $309,000 in campaign loans as coming from his personal funds, only to acknowledge later that he borrowed the money from a bank. The loans came to light when the congressman’s campaign, which had initially reported the loans as being interest-free, made the first of more than $30,000 in interest payments on them in 2010.

CREW filed a complaint against Broun with the Federal Election Commission in April. An investigation is pending.

Download CREW’s full report on Broun here.





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